This is a new website.

Not only will it be updated beyond frequently but it will also reach far beyond your IQ.

Just remember,

Do not go off thinking, "Oh, that kid is stupid. He can't code. He's not smart." My IQ is exponentially larger than yours.

If you couldn't tell...

I'm trying to fill up more space on this thing to see how it looks/further document my own website's continuity.

Doot doot I have root!

Always secure your endpoints, kids! And remember: don't forget to enable that firewall!

What else to add?

I do not know.


override func viewDidLoad() {
    self.view.backgroundColor = .black
    print("That's silly!")
A function for your junction

Oh, by the way, congrats to Clemson Cybersecurity on their amazing feat at PCDC 2019! Well done.